New Preschool - Kindergarten Project

   Our Pre-K Room has been in need of major updating for quite some time now.  I encourage you to visit the classroom and see all the renovations.  The following changes were made:

1. A permanent wall was built between the PK Room and the Children's Library with insulation to reduce noise.
2. The two classrooms were primed and painted.
3. Coatracks were raised from down low to up high for safety issues and shelving was added so all the stuffed animals and dolls can sit up high and get a good view of the classroom while the lesson is taught.
4.  Baseboards were replaced.
5. New curtains for windows.
6. The chalkboard was removed and replaced with a magnetic board and a flannel board.
7. Supplies, projects, sensory items were purchased to aid in helping students with special needs.
8. The two storage cabinets received fresh coats of paint and will be decorated with the artistry skills of Jonathan Adams.

   A big Thank you to the men in our church for their gift of skills and time that they so freely gave.  They did a fabulous job.  I love the talents that God has given the people in our church family.

   All of this was made possible through the loving gift of the Memorial Fund for Ray Sweeney.  Ray was a longtime member of Champion Presbyterian. He and his wife, Althea, raised their 3 children here.  He was a teacher for many years and loved the children who came to CPC.  Our appreciation cannot be expressed enough in words.  But it will definitely be displayed in our actions as Althea and her family see how we are using this gift in a way God would have us to by sharing His love through the use of the classroom and the supplies provided.  Thank you Althea, Marc, Michael, and Marty Sweeney.

        Sunday School

     Very Awesome Promises and How God Always Keeps Them is A 13 week study for our Sunday School elementary classes exploring God's awesome promises and the creative ways in which God keeps His word.  Your kids will discover God's promises that they can remember when they are afraid, lonely, sick, or in any other tough situation.  Along the way, your kids will be encouraged to keep their promises and to place their faith in a God who has never broken a promise.



In our Preschool - Kindergarten class, your child can be involved in creative, active learning from puzzles to games to crafts and snacks as they listen to the lesson.


     Children grades 1-6 worship with their parents, departing for Children's Church following the children's message.  Preschool children have the option of staying with their parents until the children's message or can go to the preschool room at 10am.



Nursery care is provided for all children from birth to 3 years old. 


Children having fun at an outside event