Champion Presbyterian Church provides prayer support and financial assistance to numerous missions, locally and around the world.  CPC Youth and Adult groups also travel to many of the mission fields on work trips and fellowship projects while being disciples of the gospel.


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Also, please continue to pray for and support 

the work of other missions and missionaries serving around the world.


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Following is a summary of our Missionary Outreach throughout the year.


General Assembly Missions - PC(USA)

Synod of the Covenant

Eastminster Presbytery


Kandess Dunewood Malau - WEC

South Africa

Bill and Karen Rumple - Grace & Peace Ministry

Barahona, Dominican Republic


Aguaruna Indians

Working with the Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship, through the Presbyterian church in Moyobamba, Peru.

Angela Gianakos -- Reach Global EFGA to Greece


Angela Gianakos left for Greece October 10th for Athens Greece. She will run a community center in Kypesli section of the city. She will witness for Christ in that community and host short term mission teams coming to the city. In 2011, Angela served in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania-Africa. On Sunday 9/24/2017 we recommisioned her to the mission field. After worship there was a reception held in her honor in the Outreach Center.

Angela Gianakos, a faithful member of the body and member of CPC (Champion Presbyterian Church), is to serve as a missionary with EFCA ( Evangelical Free Church of America) ReachGlobal in Athens, Greece for 23 months! While in Athens she will focus on language and cultural learning, building relationships for the sake of the Gospel, and helping the local church build bridges to the community. One way Angela will be doing this will be by helping run a community center and hosting
short term teams that will serve in special ways in Athens. She will be working alongside national partners to spread the Gospel.

Angela has served overseas in the past in Africa and has been on various short term mission trips. She has also led many local mission projects. Angela’s heart for the lost and hurting combined with her experience working with multi-ethnic groups makes working in this part of Athens a perfect fit! The area of Athens she will be working in is called Kypseli and is 50% Greek and 50% immigrants from Africa, the Middle East, and the Eastern European Blocks. This is a God sized vision and task and it will only be through His strength and will that it is accomplished.

The diverse societies around the world demand a multi-faceted mission. Through a spectrum of ministry and service, ReachGlobal's ambitious vision to impact 100 million people with the gospel over ten years, is well on its way through deep partnerships and empowered disciples who are making disciples in their own native context.

ReachGlobal is your partner in the Great Commission. 65% of EFCA churches are already partnering with ReachGlobal in a variety of capacities: sending people, supporting ministries, learning how to reach the international community in their own neighborhood, and countless opportunities for serving.

Angela has nearly raised her support to go to Greece, but still seeks your financial support, please support her as God as galled her to this ministry in Greece.

Angelia needs your support; to give on line go to, or click here. Designate your gift Gianakos # 2131.

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Bella Women's Center

At Bella, your health and well-being come first. Finding licensed medical professionals that specialize in serving women facing unplanned pregnancies is vital to receiving quality care. Facing an unplanned pregnancy? Not sure what to do? We offer abortion counseling, abortion options and testing (including free pregnancy tests and free ultrasound). We provide quality services that empower women to write their own stories.

Bob Trube -- InterVarsity Ministry

 Bob Trube is Senior Area Director for the GFM Ohio Valley Team. Bob has worked with InterVarsity for 39 years in both undergraduate and graduate student ministry, currently working with both graduate and faculty groups at Ohio State. Bob would describe his life passion as "bringing the love of God and the love of learning together in the lives of students and faculty." In his free time, Bob blogs on books, reading and life at and participates in a local community chorus, Capriccio Columbus, and a plein air art group with his wife Marilyn, who is a painter.

Dan McNerny

Dan became a follower of Jesus Christ during the time that he worked as an agriculture commodities trader with Cargill in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Dan’s first call took him out of a business career into missionary service in San Jose, Costa Rica, where he learned Spanish and helped start a church. God then led him into another brand-new experience as an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church USA, something that no one in his family’s history, as far as he knew, had ever done before. In fact, Dan’s father and four siblings all earned their master’s in business and pursued management careers.
After having lived and served in Costa Rica, Dan returned to the United States in the mid 1980’s and earned his Master’s of Divinity degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois. He went on to serve the very church in which he was raised, the Winnetka Presbyterian Church of Winnetka, Illinois. He helped parishioners find their mission call and led many short-term mission teams into cross-cultural settings, like Mexico and East Africa.
Dan is equally comfortable mobilizing North American churches, and developing frontier mission initiatives overseas. He has helped PFF begin new frontier mission work in Latin America, parts of Europe, and in the Middle East. Dan has entered into special relationships with numerous congregations counseling them as they learn how to become more strategic in missional practice and character. He has a passion to see the Muslim world have access to the Good News of Jesus Christ. Dan has become quite knowledgeable in Islam. He recently started a very successful study group on Islam for the northern suburbs of Chicago.

NEWSLETTER February  Going to Pot

Family Life

Sandy and Sharon Spangler serve on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ, assigned to FamilyLife in Little Rock, Arkansas. Sandy came on staff in 1995 with his previous wife Cheryl and served with her until Easter morning of 2013 when God took her home after an 18-month battle with cancer.

In November of 2015 God brought Sandy and Sharon, already on staff with FamilyLife since 1993, together to start a new chapter in their lives of combining their individual families into a new blended legacy for His purpose and glory.

In the early years on staff Sandy served in the Conference and Events Department of FamilyLife, giving leadership to between 7 and 10 conference cities in the area of volunteer recruiting, marketing and promotion. In July of 2003 Sandy assumed responsible for training and coaching all FamilyLife missionary staff in the area of Ministry Partner Development (MPD). About that same time he was also assigned to those same responsibilities as part of Cru’s MPD Executive Team with his primary focus on new mid-career staff building their initial financial support team.

Sharon has served in a number of different roles at FamilyLife over the years including a stint as administrative assistant to Dennis Rainey, president of FamilyLife. She currently serves as a mid-level donor representative in FamilyLife’s Donor Department where she communicates on a regular basis with more that 350-ministry partner currently on her caseload.
Together they have 5 grown children and 9 grandchildren.

We are so grateful to you and appreciate your partnership in building the Kingdom for Jesus Christ. Families are under attack and you are helping them win the battle. With love, Sandy and Sharon

Kim and Robin Cranson - Athletes In Action

Lisa Smith


Lorien Knapp Ministry

Lorien Knapp Ministry
Lorien is diligently working the goal of setting up an NGO- which in Africa is comparable to a non-profit organization. The plan is to purchase land in the village so that they can start building a permanent home.

Kwetu Faraja
We represent a group of people who grew up on the streets of urban Mwanza, Tanzania. By God's grace we were given a chance to escape that environment. We now dedicate our lives to serving the streets and reaching out to our brothers and sisters who remain in desperate conditions.

We began our work in Mwanza, under humble conditions where we struggled each day to continue our outreach. God has seen our struggle and has blessed us with an opportunity to establish a permanent home.

We are now beginning the process of building our home in the village of Kahunda.

Our organization is named "Kwetu Faraja" which means "Our Happy Home". For people who never knew what it meant to have a home, this is the first chance to have a place to rest and to experience love and peace. We open our doors and our arms to those who are in need of a home!

Michael and Rachel Weller - PC(USA)


Regional Liaison for the Horn of Africa

Michael was appointed in 1994 to serve in Ethiopia with the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus. From 1994 to 2001, he taught at the Gidada Bible School, which trains adults for various positions of leadership within the church. From 2002 to 2004, he worked with the Majangir people, nomads who were settling on the outskirts of Dembi Dollo. Through this work, he gained experience in community development and church planting. Michael has been the PC(USA) regional liaison for the Horn of Africa since 2004. Presently covering Sudan, South Sudan and Ethiopia, Michael serves as a facilitator of PC(USA) support for partner programs, relationships, and activities and as an implementer of regional strategies to build up the church in this economically impoverished but spiritually dynamic region. He supports PC(USA) mission personnel and our global partners in communications, information sharing, mentoring/guiding, encouraging, and missiological reflection. In addition, he serves as a resource for connecting partners and PC(USA) entities. Michael coordinates the efforts of PC(USA) mission initiators, including congregations and presbyteries, and helps them understand the culture, work, and commitments of our partners. Rachel supports the PC(USA) regional work and draws upon her public health training and experience to support the Community Health Evangelism program in Gambella and three church-run clinics in SW Ethiopia.

Mission Hope

We are excited to share a major announcement for Rivers of the World!
Last summer, we conducted research among the key stakeholders of our organization, surveying our board of trustees, church
partners, strategic partners, and supporters to better appreciate their involvement and understanding of ROW. We were pleased to hear that everyone has immense trust in our organization and work! After more research, discussion, and prayer, we decided it would be best to change Rivers of the World to Mission: Hope.

    As we look back over the years, ROW described our geographical ministry, but Mission: Hope reflects the heart of our
organization. If you take the time to see who we are and what we do, you can only reach one conclusion, we are Mission: Hope!

Nate and Bethany - Missionaries in Vienna, Austria


Nate and Bethany are missionaries serving in Vienna, Austria. They are focusing on language and culture study, but are excited to be preparing for long term service in church planting and leadership development. They love camping, canoeing, climbing, photography, cycling, cooking and telling people about Jesus. 

Click into their blog
Nate and Bethany Blog


November 2016

December 2016

Ray and Marf Meister


We are Ray and Marf Meister serving Jesus and His body in 70 countries through the JESUS Film Project, helping develop and resource effective ministries that use Jesus-centered media to introduce people to Him personally.

The news today says the tares are growing around the world! Jesus is on the move insuring the wheat is growing and producing fruit among the tares!! Join with us in resourcing precious, active, strategic-thinking believers who are connecting with not-yet-believers in ways that are relevant to them. Particularly effective today is story forms of communications. The JESUS Film Project’s focus is on thoroughly presenting the story of Jesus through visual media that people are more oriented to today…for all people groups and every person!

Someplace Safe

Someplace Safe will be the catalyst for preventing the intergenerational cycle of violence. As the leading community resource, we will provide a continuum of support from emergency to transition to independence for victims of domestic violence and act as a gateway to comprehensive support services that operate in a community that embraces, values, and supports the need for systemic change in all aspects of domestic violence issues.

South America Mission

We have been involved in aviation ministry in Peru with South America Mission for the past 25 years.  SAMAIR Peru is an aviation service focused on partnering with mission agencies and the national church to evangelize and disciple people groups in remote areas of eastern Peru by providing safe, efficient, and affordable air transportation.

SAMAIR Peru currently operates three Cessna U-206G aircraft, two on wheels and one on floats, using small airstrips, rivers, and lakes to service hundreds of villages and towns. In existence since 1962, SAMAIR  Peru has safely transported thousand tons of cargo and national missionaries, medical workers, foreign missionaries, and community development workers.

Mike currently is office manager and logistic coordinator.  We covet your prayers for him, as he deals with constant changes in Peruvian customs laws and tries to bring in parts and supplies in a cost -effective manner.  Nancy is teaching Beginning Spanish and British Literature this year at SAM Academy in Pucallpa.  Our daughter Annette is a senior at Mt. Vernon
Nazarene University, majoring in Psychology/Criminal Justice, and minoring in Spanish.  Daniel, age 16, is in tenth grade at SAM Academy here in Peru.

On September 20, 2013, SAMAIR Peru officially celebrated 50 years of service to the Lord Jesus Christ, and the people of Peru.

We are grateful for all of our partners that make it possible to serve here in
Peru.  If you are interested in partnering with please contact us at, or South America Mission.

US Center for World Missions

Below is a short bio of Ray and Normalee's work.

1965-1966: Sold their belongings. Left a prospering parrish, a secure livelihood, as well as family and community to join The Americas Hand in Hand, a non-profit organization serving Honduras, Central America.

1966-1988:  Adopted an entire village in a remote, mountain region of Honduras to bring running water, a clinic, education on
healthy living, an elementary school building and teacher, a church building and the Good News of Jesus to the village. In addition, they found sponsors to support numerous children in their goals to attain higher education, and provided small personal loans for business ventures or home improvement, among many other things. They lived simply with very few conveniences. They endured serious hardship and danger of death at times in their work. Upon reaching their desired goal to empower this village to become self-sufficient in maintaining a much improved lifestyle, faith in God, and a hope for the future, my parents moved on to other callings. They continued to return periodically to encourage the people, and help them in times of crisis until their health and age prevented them from traveling so far.  Needless to say, this village of 'Piedra Gorda' adopted Ray and Normalee into their hearts, just as Ray and Normie did them. Ray and Normie’s commitment to keep family together was first evident in these years. They made the sacrifice to educate their children at home so that we were not separated from them for most of our formative years in a boarding school.  This commitment to togetherness is evident once again in this season of their lives.

1988-1993: Lived in Texas while putting several children through college and helping to raise grandkids.

1993-1995: Filled in short term to manage a mission home for the Summer Institute of Linguistics [SIL International] in Lima, Peru, South America.  My parents took this position in order to support and be near my sisters as they launched their careers as teachers with SIL in Peru.

1995 - Present Day. Ray and Normalee have worked tirelessly with the US Center for World Missions as educators and mobilizers of the upcoming generations of young people to go and do the kind of work which they have done among the needy people groups of the world.

Warren Family Mission


Chris Gilger was born in Warren, Ohio in 1954 and as a youngster was raised in a tough neighborhood on the West side in the West-lawn area.  His father worked at Delphi Packard, mother worked part-time, and he had three brothers and one sister.  When he was around three years old, his mother had an accidental fall and broke her back and it caused her to be disabled and have a lifetime of pain.  Chris had a great-grandmother to help raise him and he learned very early in life about people in chronic pain who had afflictions and illnesses.  He had a great-grandmother who had very strong faith.  She told Chris that he would end up a man of God when he was very young.  When he was six years old, his great-grandmother died and he had his first experience with feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit.  Chris was trying his best not to cry, because he knew his father would be unhappy about it if he did, so he just kept reading the 23rd Psalm in the funeral bulletin over and over again.  He explained that a peace and warmth came over him and it was his first encounter with God’s loving and peaceful presence.

We have a vision to be able to serve our community in a way that helps people; recover from addictions, get back on their feet, rebuild broken relationships, restore families and become a vital part of a growing community with a positive influence.  We are proud to work alongside our volunteers and donors impacting lives with services that bring restoration as we share the Gospel message.

Contact us at: 330-394-5437