“Many people will say, ‘Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord.” Isaiah 2:3

At 29,029 feet, Mt. Everest is the highest point on earth. Sir Edmund Hilary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay were the first men to reach the top in 1953. Since then over 4,000 people have made the treacherous ascent to the mountaintop, most spending over $40,000 for permits, guides, and equipment. But it is a dangerous trek as 288 people have died from exposure, falls or avalanches attempting to reach the summit. Why do people wish to go, when it’s so risky? One blogger writes “there’s something mystical and spiritual about this mountain.”
He’s right, being on top of a mountain can be a spiritual or religious experience. That’s certainly true in Scripture as many of God’s great events occur on mountains. My sermon series “Mountain Top Experiences” will explore some of these mountains and the people who climbed them (without any risk to you dying of exposure). My sermons will be:
March 10 - “Testing 1, 2, 3, Testing” Abraham on Mt. Moriah
March 17 - “Are the 10 Commandments Still Relevant?” Moses on Mt. Sinai
March 24 - “Clash of the Prophets” Elijah on Mt. Carmel
March 31 - “Sermon on the Mount” Jesus on Mt. beside Sea of Galilee
April 7 - “Expert Witnesses” Moses, Elijah and Jesus on Mt. Tabor
April 14 - “Parading Down the Mountain” Jesus on the Mt. of Olives
April 21 - Easter – “A Hill Called Calvary” Jesus on Golgotha
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In Christ’s love,
Pastor Steve