I rejoiced with those who said to me, ‘Let us go to the house of the Lord.” Psalm 122:1

There was a Christian who got discouraged by an adversity in his life and stopped attending church. His family and friends were concerned because as time passed he became more depressed and withdrew to himself. One day, his Pastor paid this man a visit. As they sat in front of the man's fireplace, the Pastor said very little. He did let the man know he was loved, was being prayed for, and that a lot of people were there for him. The Pastor knew he had to avoid sounding "preachy," yet he desperately wanted to help his friend realize how far he was slipping away from the Lord--and the consequences that could bring. So as the two men sat in silence before the crackling fire, the Pastor reached out and picked up the tongs next to the fireplace. With the tongs, he reached into the embers, and took out a single glowing coal, setting it on the stone floor. Puzzled, but remaining silent, the man sat staring at the coal. Gradually, the coal began to lose its color, finally growing dark and cold until it died. The effect was not lost on the man, and he looked up at the Pastor with tear-filled eyes, realizing he was that coal. He was back in church the very next Sunday. You may not be discouraged, but perhaps your summer activities have kept you from attending church. First, it was a graduation party in June that caused you to miss worship. Then in July it was two weeks of vacation and in August there was the family reunion, a sporting event, and a remodeling project. If this describes what’s happened in your life, then let this story remind you to come back to church this September. Just like that man, you are loved and have a church family that cares and prays for you. So join us each week to worship your God, hear his Word and fellowship with His people at Champion Presbyterian Church.

In Christ’s love,
Pastor Steve