"But blessed are your eyes for seeing, for they see, and your ears for they hear."  Matt 13:6  


      It is the hope of the Worship and Website Committees that a 'once-a-month' online video appearing on the church website will permit shut-ins, travellers, and those who Winter in the South to feel a continuing connection with Champion Presbyterian Church.










Reverand Rod Winyard7/7/2019
Keep or share
Video 44250

Rev. Wilson Green5/7/2019
"Humility: a Prerequisite for Revival"
Video 43672

Pastor Steve Stille4/7/2019
Expert Witnesses

Pastor Steve Stille2/10/2019
Kissing Cousins
Video 42826

Christmas Concert12/16/2018
Chancel Choir, Chime Choir and Psaltery Sisters
Video 42309

Pastor Steve Stille12/9/2018
Totally Human
Video 42236

Pastor Steve Stille10/7/2018
Video 42046

Pastor Steve Stille7/7/2018
Terminating Sin

Ben Mathes5/7/2018
Get At It
Video 39829

Pastor Steve Stelle4/15/2018
Beginnings and Endings
Video 39591