Champion Presbyterian Church
People of all ages participate in many types of ministries in the church. This includes opportunity for  Worship, Bible Study, Christian Education, Community Outreach, Mission & service projects, and Fellowship.  Church records, reported to the General Assembly in 2012, show a total of 302 communicant members (with an average worship attendance each Sunday of 150) and a total of 350 enrolled in Christian Education programs.  All of these numbers are greater than the average for the entire denomination.  The variety of the ministries and the vitality that each of them share account for this statistical advantage that Champion Presbyterian Church enjoys.  We believe that membership and participation in the life of our Church are meaningful and fulfilling experiences; and we welcome new members who desire to enter into the life of the Church in its journey of faith.

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The Six Powerful Ingredients in Each Ministry
at Champion Presbyterian Church
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
      There is power in PRAYER


        There is power in Corporate WORSHIP          


   There is power in striving to gain Understanding

           and Wisdom through STUDY

         There is power in an attitude of SHARING           

         There is power in good STEWARDSHIP

There is power in wholesome FELLOWSHIP