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Our staff here at Champion Presbyterian Church are eager and willing to serve the needs of CPC and the community

Pastor Steve Stelle Image Pastor - Steve Stelle


Pastor Stelle began his ministry in western Ohio in 1983. He served two churches located in Middle Point and Delphos until 1998. He then went to Faith Presbyterian Church located in Hermitage, PA. Where he was the head of staff until 2013. David Dawson, who was the General Presbyter for that Presbytery, said that Faith Church was the one church that grew in membership over the years. Pastor Stelle and his wife, Brenda, felt the call of God to enter the mission field. So in 2013, they made the major adjustment of moving to Dembi Dollo, Ethiopia. Pastor Stelle taught in the Gildada Seminary where he trained pastors for ministry in a rapidly growing church in Ethiopia.
His wife Brenda taught English at the Bethel Evangelical Secondary School. Champion Presbyterian Church has supported them as they were in Ethiopia.

When they returned home on furlough, they realized that Brenda’s mom was going to need some assistance, being committed to family; they made the decision not to return to Ethiopia. Pastor Stelle has a heart for Serving Jesus and a heart for serving people. He has broad experience in leadership, in preaching and in pastoral care.

Administration Secretary Gina Eckenrode Image Administration Secretary - Gina Eckenrode


Treasurer Andrea Fox Image Treasurer - Andrea Fox

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Director of Youth & Childrens Ministry Cheri Smith Image Director of Youth & Childrens Ministry - Cheri Smith


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Worship Leader / Chancel Director Ken Umeck Image Worship Leader / Chancel Director - Ken Umeck

Pianist Dan McKinnon Image Pianist - Dan McKinnon

Facilities Manager Cheryl Knowlton Image Facilities Manager - Cheryl Knowlton